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How the Wolf Cock-Blocked Me

January 29, 2010

Beautiful girls were everywhere . . . gorgeous, shapely, scantily clad women as far as the eye could see! Via multiple stereos, Y & T’s Summertime Girls rippled through the vast beachfront expanse and forever imprinted itself in my mind as the soundtrack to this graphic and beloved memory.


Burying Belcha

January 24, 2010

All Hell broke loose! Screaming children scattered in all directions as distraught counselors pursued them in the hopes of calming them. Pathetic cries of terror surrounded me – some near, some distant – blood curdling screams of terror everywhere. It had all the feel of a fire in an orphanage.

Beware of Orange Girls Bearing Gift Certificates: Our His and Hers Anniversary Massage Experience

January 18, 2010

. . . we enjoyed a very soothing 50-minute experience. However, it was not what I had expected. I had envisioned devil’s food cake with vanilla icing and nuts and chocolate shavings and fudge drizzled on top; what I got was granola.


January 16, 2010

Sex so wrong that we put everything we had aside


ever nearing


Why I Killed My Brother

January 12, 2010

“When you wrote that Jude died from his injuries, did you mean that . . . literally?”

Belated Perihelion Greetings to You!

January 8, 2010

So I propose this: On Perihelion, let’s recognize humanity’s resistance to change (and that of the world and the universe, for that matter). After all, despite minor variances in speed and distance, the Earth keeps spinning about on the same route year after year after year. And we humans aren’t all that different, along for the ride, in a similarly predictable cycle of birth, reproduction and death.