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Why I Killed My Brother

Shortly after publishing the conclusion to the Elba Saga, I received a distraught phone call from an old friend.

            “When you wrote that Jude died from his injuries, did you mean that . . . literally?”

            Uh oh! I immediately realized the error of my ways.

            I explained to my old friend that no, my brother was not actually dead. Killing him off in the blog provided closure to the story and a tidy way of dealing with the loose ends that existed in reality. The fact is my brother’s recent years just aren’t that interesting.

            My friend was relieved.

           As the day progressed, I discovered that people who actually knew better had believed the story, a testament to the suggestive power of the written word. A friend, who had seen pictures taken of my brother  a few days earlier, alive and well, was in tears before her computer. And when the truth be told . . .

            . . . uh . . . sorry : (

            I wonder how long it will take before the rumors of his death make their way to my brother.


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