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Takkic’s Top Picks

In the days leading up to my 20th post, I was determined to come up with something fitting. In less than three months’ time, Blogging in E minor’s readership has grown from a meagre handful to upwards of 70 hits per week. Wow! The creative fulfillment I get from this avocation has been intensely mood altering if not, in fact,  life-changing.

For the new arrivals, I wanted to recommend some of my personal favorites, old and new alike. The multicolored titles function as links to the original posts. Enjoy!


The Most Poop-in-Your-Pants Funniest Post: Burying Belcha

This story was originally written as a college essay in 1999. One evening during class, we did the peer editing exercise where we paired up and exchanged rough drafts. The girl who ended up with mine was laughing uncontrollably in an otherwise silent classroom.  Soon, the entire group was snickering in sympathy. And yes, this is a true story.


Most Creative Post: A Box Full of Pennies and a Dream, Part IV

The conclusion to what turned out to be an exhaustive, yet gratifying, col-laboration with an old friend was written documentary style — that is, told from varying, pieced-together perspectives. I was seeking a grand finale to what was becoming an innovative, artsy piece when I decided to go with this format.


Most Intense: Where the Bullets Land

This free-verse poem was inspired by a recent tragedy which stirred complex, seemingly contradictory,  emotions within. Where the Bullets Land was an outlet through which I could express what I dare not say out loud.


Best All-Around Story: How the Wolf Cock-Blocked Me

Based upon one afternoon’s events in what became an adventure-filled road trip, most of the details of this story had been lost in the fog of bygone years. As I began weaving the forgotten details together, I realized how much of a well-rounded, perfect tale I had in the making.  I believe I produce one of my best-ever works while composing this all-consuming piece.


Most Dear to My Heart:  The Day I Met My Daughter

Do I need to elaborate? From the well-preserved, often reminisced mental notes from this joyous day, I put the events, thoughts and emotions associated with this miraculous meeting down in words. How often does one get to meet his daughter for the very first time? Only once, my friends. Cherish the moment!


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