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How I Met My Muse, Part VI: “Prick!”

Back to 1979 (pay attention now)

Maria’s proclamation of her love for me presented a problem; I simply did not feel the same about her.

            Initially, Maria was a sort of novelty to me. She certainly wasn’t like the girls I had associated with in junior high. However, the excitement of the after-school make out sessions had since subsided, and my fascination with her eccentricities had begun to fade. Now that the long-anticipated Homecoming Dance had come and gone, the question remained: What next?

            An adult would likely communicate these concerns with the other party – lay his cards out on the table to discuss where the relationship was headed. Instead, I handled this awkward predicament like a total freshman; I avoided her.

            As an alternative to my normal after-school routine with Maria, I began hanging out with Almighty Mike, a guy who rode my bus with whom I shared . . . common interests. We found some older dudes who drove who would give us a ride home on occasions, sparing us the hour commute.

            During one such ride, I remember smoking up the car listening to Judas Priest’s Unleashed in the East Live album for the first time. It blew me away! Singer Rob Halford’s glass-shattering falsetto combined with the give and take of dual lead guitarists took heavy metal to a new level. I fell in love with songs like The Ripper, Sinner, and Diamonds and Rust, and the band would become one of my favorites all the way through high school.

            So anyway . . . Maria would attempt to pull me aside in the hallways at school, but I’d always have a convenient excuse like I was running late to class or needed to see a teacher or something. Then at the end of the day, I’d pass her hastily to jump into a car or run off to meet somebody.

            Maybe she’ll just grow tired of this and forget about me, I thought. As if things actually work that way!

            Maria finally cornered me by my locker as school let out one day. “What’s going on with you?” she demanded. “You’ve been avoiding me. We haven’t spoken for days, and it’s like you don’t want anything to do with me! What’s the problem?”

            This was the first time Maria had ever yelled at me, which took me off guard. But I had no intention of leveling with her right then and there. What came out of my mouth was spontaneous, easy and effective: “Just LEAVE. ME. ALONE!”

            I will never forget the look of absolute heartbroken despair in her face. Tears welled up in her eyes as her chin crinkled up beneath tightly pursed, frowning lips. She spun quickly, to prevent me from seeing her cry, and joined her friends, who were waiting a few yards away. They all turned away from me at once in one abrupt, collective gesture of condemnation and marched down the freshman hallway in lock-step. “Prick!”

            She certainly didn’t deserve that. Hell, we hadn’t even had so much as an argument during the few weeks we had known each other. But it was done. Right or wrong, it was done.

to be continued


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