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Three Years Later: Too Old, Too Fat and Too Full of Shit

The long-awaited 50th post

10/10/10: I woke up this morning feeling too old, too fat and too full of shit (as the result of poor eating) to participate in the small-scale, 4-mile run at my daughter’s school. I took a pass, electing instead to spend the bulk of the day in front of the tube watching football and working on my laptop.

            What has happened to me? Just over three years ago at age 42, I had a chiseled 6-pack and weighed in at 159.5 lbs. – compared to a “satisfactory” weight of 167 – the result of running and working out five days a week.

            My unusually lean body mass enabled me to purchase a pair of lightweight, 9 oz., elite performance shoes. A heavier 40-something-year-old man would have surely put himself at-risk of injury with such a shoe due to the minimal cushion. This ridiculous footwear was a symbol of my triumph over aging; my sleek ass thrived in my fluorescent green trainers, shaving critical seconds off of my race times.

           My diet ruled back then. I ate only lean meat and fruit, with some moderate dairy thrown in for my entertainment, and yes, I loved it. It worked well with my active lifestyle and the blistering heat of the summer of 2007. I got thin enough to fit in the same size jeans I did in my early 20’s: 32” x 32”

            In stark contrast, I can now only fit into two pairs of jeans: my baggy work pants and my cargo mom jeans. The others make it difficult to breathe and bend due to my “spare tire” being squeezed upwards like toothpaste from the tube. The belts I wear with dress slacks are now fastened in the very last notch.

            So today, the day following my 46th birthday, I dragged my 185-lb. ass out to run, struggling to finish the hilly three-mile route around my neighborhood. Then I got food, surely ingesting more calories than I had just burned. God help me, I am a mess!

            So . . . what has happened to me during the intervening three years?

to be continued



2 Responses to “Three Years Later: Too Old, Too Fat and Too Full of Shit”

  1. It creeps up on you if you don’t stay with! You should know this more than anyone. When I was on “vacation” I slimmed down to a comfortable 170lbs., working out 4-5 days a week and getting 2-3 HEALTHY meals a day. Once “vacation” was over I settled into my old habits and got lazy. Maybe getting older is taking it’s toll. I’m gonna try to force myself to start walking on a regular basis. I feel SO much better when I lose 10lbs. and feel like crap when I gain it back.

  2. I think you started a biggest loser in the W house. I’m getting off my butt and getting rid of the extra poundage gained over the summer! Thanks for the post honey, it gets us all thinking about getting….too old, too fat and too full of sh*t!
    Thanks for the blog!

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