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Bring the Body . . .

About five weeks ago, I woke up on the morning following my 46th birthday reeling from the effects of three years of aging, poor eating and reduced activity. As reported in the post Too Old, Too Fat and Too Full of Shit, I felt too out of shape to run a four-mile race and no longer fit in my clothes.
            As a matter of principle, I flat-out refused to buy larger clothes. Instead, I resolved to correct my miserable situation right then and there. As with any of the previous emotional downturns in my life, I sought redemption through the physical activity. Exercise in the form of running and working out has always driven off the doldrums. Physical health begets emotional health. As the old adage states, “Bring the body, and the mind will follow.”
            I have since lost 11 lbs! The other day, I slipped into my 31 x 32 bootcut jeans, no probs. I can fit in my pants again!
            Diet, in my opinion, constitutes 80-percent of any fitness plan. I immediately abandoned the soda habit that I had acquired over the summer. Juice and sports drinks fit in this category as well. Other than the extra vitamins, these beverages are similar to sodapop in nutritional content.  I limit high glycemic carbs, focus on lean meats (2 to 1 protein-to-fat ratio or better) and consume more fruits and vegetables.
            One trick I’ve learned regarding vegetation is to eat all colors. Forget the complicated nutritional nomenclature; eating the spectrum will get you close to meeting your nutritional needs. And remember: Fruit is nature’s candy.
            I also keep a large bar of the super dark chocolate around for when I get cravings for sweets (70- to 85-percent cocoa). The stuff is simply too bitter to overindulge and one or two bites usually satisfy the craving. Dark chocolate also provides a trace of antioxidants. This works for me, anyway.
            Thankfully, I am finally on the way back to road racing shape. Typically, I’ll run three times per week, which includes a long run, a speed run and an easy run. I am building cardiovascular efficiency as well as endurance, my long runs now exceeding 90 minutes.

The boring details of my workout routine, for those who are interested: 

Sunday: Long run
Monday: Large muscles (legs, chest and back) long workout + abs.
Tuesday: Small muscles (shoulders, traps, arms) short workout + speed run
Wednesday: Recovery
Thursday: Large muscles short workout + easy run
Friday: Small muscles long workout + abs
Saturday: Recovery

            Careful analysis should reveal the rationale, symmetry and beauty of my methods. Whenever I get serious about my fitness routine, I log everything: sets, weights, reps, miles, rates and speeds. I make graphs and charts. Numbers motivate me. Tracking makes it possible for me to aspire to do a little more of something – more reps, more weight, faster rate – with each successive workout.
            My next goal is to get down to my “running weight,” which is 167 lbs. This is the point where I feel I am no longer encumbered by extra baggage, whether I am running, ascending steps or working in the yard. This is distinguishable from my “vanity weight,” of 164 lbs. where that “shredded” look is achieved.
            All things considered, I am feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. I am a stronger person overall as a result of a few weeks’ hard work. What a difference a month makes!


2 Responses to “Bring the Body . . .”

  1. Dude, seems I have been a bad influence on you ~ glad you are getting back to where you are comfy. But whatever you think, you are beautiful and you always have been….however I definitely know what it’s like to not feel easy in your own body…

    Even though I have only been at home for two days, I am committed to using my breaks and lunch hour to get outside and walk ~ it’s a big change for me, one which I have needed, and the doggie-woggie gets to benefit too! I might even get back into the yoga routine I was into for a time many years back. Not having that evil commute has given me so much of my life back. It’s a good thing.

    And 31 X 32 jeans? Really? You rock!

  2. Your doing great! It worked, your blogs got me off the couch and back to the gym and eating better too! I fit better in my clothes and I refuse to buy new clothes in a larger size. When I lose another size, then it’s new wardrobe time! It will be slower for me, because it’s always quicker for men, but I am trying to rewind the size-dial by shrinking a little. I Hope it’s noticable already, but haven’t gotten any positive feed back, oh well I’ve noticed! I did recently buy one pair of larger pants and now I don’t think if I can wear them, they’re very saggy!
    Thanks honey, I love you and all your silly, serious and just plain weird blogs!

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