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One Year, One Sharp and 55 Posts Later

December 22, 2010

On Dec. 12, Blogging in E minor celebrated its one year anniversary. To my utter astonishment, I had been able to post 55 entries during that time.             More than anything else, this blog has been a conduit for memories, enabling me to document the wonderful, the sorrowful, the comical, the ironic and the ridiculous […]

The Year Mother Cancelled Christmas

December 18, 2010

Grandma had always been the driving force behind Christmas. Sure, she overspent and took spoiling her grandchildren to unprecedented levels. That was because she was all about giving. Grandmother always put others first, and it brought her true joy to see people happy. She was Mother Christmas.

Infamy and Irony

December 7, 2010

I frequently remind the teachers I supervise of my plight as a teen. Sure I had more than my share of issues that got in my way; nevertheless, I was permitted to fall through the cracks without a second thought. It is my belief that if all of my teachers had invested five minutes per week in me, I would have graduated from high school.

The Great Obituary Hoax

December 6, 2010

Being a journalism major, I was pleased with my newswriting course because it was the only class I had up to that point that had anything to do with journalism. Like most college students, I had been forced to muddle through years of general ed courses before being afforded the privilege of studying what it […]

The Christmas of the Offending Diamond

December 3, 2010

Felicia’s inner conflict was readily observable and somewhat charming as she attempted to conceal the ring from her family. It was apparent that removing it simply wasn’t an option. I wondered how long she could continue going about her business, like an amputee, without the use of her left hand.