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Usually just a bunch of silly crap.

One Year, One Sharp and 55 Posts Later

On Dec. 12, Blogging in E minor celebrated its one year anniversary. To my utter astonishment, I had been able to post 55 entries during that time.

            More than anything else, this blog has been a conduit for memories, enabling me to document the wonderful, the sorrowful, the comical, the ironic and the ridiculous events that make up my life. It has been a most gratifying outlet. Looking over the archives, one can easily see when I have been on fire with inspiration as well as when I have been too busy to put aside time for writing.

            Surprising to most folks, Blogging in Em has very little to do with music. E minor is a commonly used key in the hard rock and metal genres. The name is an indirect reference to my influences,  experiences and attitudes.

            Frequently, I feel like I’m only writing for a handful of loyal readers, though sometimes the site will get 70+ hits in a week’s time.  My record month was September (273 clicks) and one day that month garnered 68 hits. Google searches have revealed some of my posts catalogued on other sites, and people have sent links to my posts to friends and loved ones. I appreciate the encouragement I get from my audience and invite others to subscribe, if they are so inclined.

            What follows are links to what I believe to be 10 of my most significant works. The selection process was very subjective, of course, but they all these entries mean something to me for some reason.  Simply click on the titles and enjoy!

NOTE: If blocked, control + left click on links.


Ascent Into Madness on a Department Store Escalator (Dec. 12, 2009): The post that launched Blogging in E minor and the first installment of The Elba Saga. As a tribute to sitcom continuity issues, my brother’s name changes from Mac to Jude by the second segment.



The Day I Met My Daughter (Dec. 31, 2009): Closest to my heart. It’s not every day one gets to meet his daughter for the first time.



Burying Belcha (Jan. 24, 2010): The account of the most ingenious and yet ill-advised prank I ever pulled off. Outright poop-in-your-pants hilarious!




How the Wolf Cock-Blocked Me (Jan. 29, 2010): A dark horse favorite recounting an all-but-forgotten incident that evolved into a perfect story line during the creative process.




Perhaps Duct Tape Will Hold It (Feb. 13, 2010): Part III of the A Box Full of Pennies and a Dream series, describing the struggles of being broke on the road. This series was written in collaboration with the friend who accompanied me on the ill-fated trip 25 years earlier. Plus I like the pictures.


Of Love and Floods (April 2, 2010):  Part I of the Love and the Deadbeat Boss series, detailing how I met my wife. Enough said.




The Lemon Sucker’s Bogus Ticket Scam (June 10, 2010): Cool band stories. Life imitating a sitcom plot, told in two parts. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.



Unequipped (July 19, 2010): Part III of the How I Met My Muse series. It’s really a “Prequel” written after the first two parts were already published, but it works within the time travel theme of the nine-part epic. It effectively stands alone.




I Was a Facebook Spy (Sept. 5, 2010): A ruse reveals frightening results. A must-read for parents of teenagers.




The Year Mother Cancelled Christmas (Dec. 18, 2010):  Recounts some of my last memories of my beloved grandmother.





One Response to “One Year, One Sharp and 55 Posts Later”

  1. your blogs have been cute, silly, sad, touching and down right entertaining. I am glad you started blogging. I especially love The Year Mother Cancelled Christmas. Very sweet and sad. Of course the series of the Deadbeat Boss/Of Love and Floods was my most favorite.
    Love ya, Felicia!

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