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Does God Hate America?

Perhaps the single greatest irony created by the hate mongering Westboro Baptist Church – the fundamentalist extremists who demonstrate at soldiers’ funerals – is the nearly universal solidarity they create among those who reject them.

            The radical Kansan sect is led by Fred Phelps, who purports to be a former civil rights lawyer. His following is largely comprised of family members, including those of his 13 children who have not yet disavowed his teachings or publicly accused him of abuse.

            The bulk of the church’s venom targets gays. Phelps and Co. claim that God hates America for its tolerance of homosexuality, and that the death of soldiers, the 9-11 attacks, and catastrophic weather events are the consequences of His rancor. Most recently, they applauded the Tucson, AZ shooting rampage, threatening to demonstrate at the funeral of its youngest victim. Instead, they abandoned the stunt in exchange for on-air exposure in the media.

            Surely, if God truly hates America, He certainly wouldn’t have to look hard for reasons. Americans are self-absorbed, materialistic, amoral, sex-obsessed, and loaded with addictive tendencies.

            But why should an all-powerful being, capable of creating a universe at a whim, be concerned about – of all things – the multitudinous things human beings are doing with their genitals?

            Equally confusing is the group’s illogical connection between fallen soldiers and homosexuality – as if military combatants would otherwise be invincible if it weren’t for the gays. No, it is not meant to make sense; the church has merely found a sensitive nerve to prod to draw attention to its sicko platform.

            Phelps’ webpage,, is loaded with hateful polemics, condemning anybody and everybody: Jews, Muslims, Catholics, the media, even other preachers. He disputes the teaching, “God hates sin, not the sinner,” insisting that God hates sinners as well. They who teach otherwise are misleading their flocks and leading them to Hell, Phelps claims.

            The WBC’s message is strangely unifying. In condemning everything other than the most backwards, fundamentalist, fire-and-brimstone beliefs, the sect creates consensus among strange bedfellows. The effectiveness of the church’s methods, however, is of little concern to Phelps’ followers. They do not seek to help, teach or save anybody; instead, they yearn for death, destruction and world-wide animosity.

            Sadly, these clowns cause one to rethink the First Amendment. The WBC fully avails itself of its American liberties while, at the same time, dishonoring the memories of those who died defending them.

            So, the question remains: Does God really hate America?

            Even when faced with the divisive teachings, despicable actions and unrelenting bigotry of these raving, imbred Jaybillies, Americans have risen above the hatred. They remain true to their ideals of freedom of speech and due process. Absolute strangers have rallied with love and support for the families the church has targeted. Rather than responding to the WBC’s insensitive demonstrations with rocks, bricks and bullets, folks have taken creative action, shielding grieving families from the church’s offensive signage by standing side-by-side wearing giant angel wings.

            If regular people can overcome their hatred of the Westboro Baptist Church, surely any God worthy of worship can deal with Americans and their shortcomings, whatever His take on homosexuality.

            Some will take comfort in the fact that Fred Phelps, 81, is getting up there in the years. One envisions an ironic, Dante-esque circle in Hell, reserved for the Westboro Baptist Church, where Phelps and his followers will be forced to take it up the ass for eternity. Upon his demise, throngs from around the world will converge upon his funeral, mockingly displaying signs like, “Fred Phelps sucks dick in Hell.”

            Perhaps true Christians will simply pray for his soul.


One Response to “Does God Hate America?”

  1. Dude! You totally out-did yourself with this one. What an awesome piece and I am right there with you all of this. While I will fight to the death for a person’s right to freedom of speech, what these so-called “Christians” are doing is reprehensible, to say the least. How wonderful all those “angels” showed up for that little girl’s funeral with their hatred-shielding wings. Thankfully their services were not needed. Apparently vanity and greed got the best of the hate-mongers ~ and aren’t those 2 of the deadly sins, hmmmm?

    I, too, have read through those folks’ website as a means (hope, perhaps?) to find a way to understand where they are coming from. Instead I was left with the bitterest taste in my mouth and the belief that ~ as you said ~ they truly are just hateful people using the Bible as an excuse.

    In the end? I hope Phelps ends up sucking the Devil’s dick ~ but since I am a Pagan and don’t even believe in such an entity, I wish him a long, arduous trip across the River Styx…and a good whacking around from Kali. While I am mixing my pantheons, I also hope Ammut is very, very hungry at Phelps soul-judging. There will be a lot of sins to eat.

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