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Why Drunks Shouldn’t Operate Time Machines

The following is a phone conversation between my wife and her “overindulged” sister on April 8 – the date being an important element of the story. Imagine hearing the voice of somebody possessing the general disposition of your garden-variety bag lady who smokes three packs of Pall Malls per day on the other end of the line.


Wife: Hello Medusa. You called earlier?
Sister-in-Law: Yes, Felicia, I got your message. Are you still wanting to take Holly and the kids to the movies tomorrow?
Wife: You must have called the wrong person.
Sister-in-Law: No, it was you, alright. You said you were taking the kids to the movie tomorrow.
Wife: It wasn’t me. I did that weeks ago. Maybe you listened to an old message.
Sister-in-Law: No, it says right here on my phone that you just called on March 6, two days ago.
Wife: Whatever, Medusa. I’ll talk to you later.

4 Responses to “Why Drunks Shouldn’t Operate Time Machines”

    Felicia handled it like a pro.

  2. Remove IMMEDIATELY before I do.

  3. Fine…Have your fun w/ it! It is pretty funny anyway. LOL 😉

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