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Charleton Heston’s Cold Dead Hands

NewtownSadly, the scourge of mass shootings has become a modern epidemic. Our emotions oscillate between extreme outrage and jaded cynicism with each successive occurrence. These tragedies dominate the conversations, social media postings and artistic output of many. Some of us clamor toward media outlets hungry for answers. Others attend vigils and pray. Many simply avoid thinking of the senselessness by seeking solace in light-hearted distractions.

The Newtown, Connecticut slayings are different, however. The victims were mere babies! The incomprehensible murders of first graders and their teachers have propelled the country into a maelstrom of grief, anger and outcry.

Newtown victims As one who has nurtured young students in classroom settings, the thought of opening fire on a room full of children seems unimaginable. How does a person get so twisted that he can look into the frightened eyes of innocent, freckled-faced, dimple-cheeked children and brutally snuff them out? We are united in our profound disgust. This one really hit home.

Familiar cries for gun control alternating with calls to arms permeate the din of our disbelief:

  • “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”
  • “The problem is always the shooter, but one cannot deny the obvious problem that such individuals have legal access to the firearms that turn their insanity into our grief.”
  • “I wish the teachers were packing! If all people were armed, this would stop!”
  • “If your first reaction to the shootings is ‘Oh shit! Obama and the liberals are going to try to take my guns,’ then your priorities as a human being SUCK!”
  • “The founding fathers guaranteed a right to bear arms for the same reason they added the 3rd amendment (Protecting citizens from forced quartering during peace time) to the bill of rights. Basic freedoms that we should all be afforded. You are allowed to bear arms to protect yourself and your family.”

Given, there are bigger problems than guns feeding the mass shooting epidemic. These include untreated mental health issues, the questionable moral fiber of contemporary America and an apparent lack of personal responsibility within our culture.

However, circumstances surrounding many of these shootings reignite the furor regarding the relative ease of access to high firepower by their psychotic perpetrators. The Aurora Joker-Douche who opened fire on a theater full of movie goers used semi-automatic weapons, tear gas and tactical body armor obtained through legitimate means via the Internet. The Newtown Sociopath raided his mother’s legally registered weapons stash before killing her and 26 others human beings.

We’re not talking about hunting rifles and six-shooters here. According to an OutdoorsNative review of the Buckmaster CAR15, the weapon useBushmaster-CAR15-223d to pump up to 11 bullets into each of the slaughtered first graders, this high-powered baby dicer can readily discharge 180 rounds in two minutes. The article goes on to read: “The Bushmaster rifle is legal in most states but unfortunately is illegal in a few states because of certain features (you know what states you are, wake up and give your citizens their rights!)”

Why are these killing machines so easily available? A federal ban on semi-automatic assault weapons expired in 2004 and never gained the political traction necessary for reinstatement . Thus, these rifles can be purchased at the local Walmart, on the Internet or at gun shows, sometimes without even so much as a background check.

According to The Inquisitr: “Although many licensed gun dealers are required to perform background checks on those looking to purchase firearms, people get can get around these regulations by picking up weapons at gun shows. A loophole allows unlicensed collectors to conduct private sales without performing such checks.”

One would figure, given the latest tragedies, that legislators would be in a rush to correct this unfortunate oversight. The President and others have assault weapons in their sights. Nevertheless, there has been much public resistance to such a proposed ban. Who in their right mind would be against such a ban, one may ask.

Sadly, the Gollum-esque fear by gun enthusiasts that their precious firearms will be rounded up has proven to be a substantial barrier to productive dialog that may save lives. The National Rifle Association opposes any gun legislation and has even lobbied against measures that rational thinking people would deem reasonable. The NRA believes that any gun restrictions create a slippery slope that would enable the eventual government gun grab that dominates their fears.

Dealer displays firearms for sale at a gun show in Kansas City Incomprehensibly, the Sandy Hook tragedy has been followed by a mad dash on gun stores by nutcases fearful of an imminent assault weapons ban. Gun nuts line the sidewalks outside of convention centers to get into gun shows hoping to take advantage of gun control loopholes. Sales of assault rifles like the one used in Newtown are selling like the last of the Twinkies, according to Reuters.

A similar rush to arms occurred following the re-election of Barack Obama. It remains to be seen if this boom in gun sales is the result of an expectedCold Dead Hands mod 2d grandfathering of soon-to-be prohibited weapons, or if these folks plan to have a shootout with the authorities who would be charged with the task of rounding up firearms. The defiant quote by the late NRA Chairman Charlton Heston comes to mind: “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

Perhaps they are simply impressed with the Bushmaster’s raw killing potential, as evidenced in Connecticut.

After a week’s silence, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre released a statement of unwavering Wayne LaPierreopposition to any new gun control legislation. He further suggested, to the outrage of many, that all schools be protected by armed officers. This suggestion is not unreasonable, considering the recent increase in paranoid, semi-automatic weapons owners out there.

For much too long the NRA, considered by Congress to be the most powerful lobby in the country, has bullied lawmakers into obsequiousness. Common-sense gun control measures have fallen by the wayside as a result.

The NRA’s initial silence following the Newtown shootings had many wondering if a repentant NRA would emerge with a revised position. A few anti-gun control advocates have, in fact, done this in the wake of the slayings. Unfortunately, this was not the case. One can draw a variety of conclusions, including 1) the NRA is right, and should remain steadfast in its convictions, or 2) the NRA is unreachable, “tone deaf,” and incapable of learning from its mistakes.Sandy Hook

In the wake of the calamity rife with blame, the NRA is getting its share. Could the NRA, in some indirect way, be responsible for the 28 deaths in Newtown?

Fear and selfishness appear to be major motivating forces behind the NRA. The fear that the government (or Nazis, aliens, liberals or other perceived threats) will go house to house confiscating people’s hunting rifles and handguns is what transformed them from a service-minded sportsmen organization to one of the most irrational players on the political landscape. Sadly, gun enthusiasts put guns and gun-related pursuits above everything else — public safety, the General Welfare, even their own families — while asserting that anything other than gun anarchy is somehow unpatriotic . . . un-American.

Nevertheless, this post is not an anti-gun rant. It is not intended to blame gun owners for the actions of sick individuals. Obviously, many deep rooted problems contribute to this destructive mass murder phenomenon .

The intent is to caSandy Hook, Abuelaishll into question the counterproductive role staunch gun enthusiasts have played in the quest for solutions. Perhaps the NRA’s regrettable stance as related to these tragic events will prove to be the organization’s undoing.

To be continued


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