Blogging in E minor
Usually just a bunch of silly crap.

A Blurb About the Blog

TakkiC is an urban educator with a background in music and journalism. Drawing upon his experiences as a troubled youth and a high school dropout, he works with at-risk teens in a challenging inner-city environment. TakkiC is married and has a teenage daughter, two cats and a muse.

Blogging in E minor  is more of an electronic memior than a blog in the conventional sense. Inspiration is drawn from everyday life as well as public opinion, popular culture and the comptemporary American media.

Usually, though,  it’s just a bunch of silly crap.


Instructions: Pages are intended to be viewed at 125%. The 10 most recent entries appear at the top of the sidebar. Posts are archived by month as well as by tags, shown in the “tag cloud” on the sidebar. Entries are also categorized by “TakkiCgory,” either as a narrative or poetry and “sirius stuff” and/or “silly crap.”

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