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“People Have Died…”

July 29, 2015

It was not until I arrived in Las Cruces, New Mexico that I had a true understanding of what hiking the Baylor Pass would entail.           I had done some research during the week of preparation leading up to my somewhat spontaneous lark through the “Land of Enchantment.” All hobbies have their respective subcultures of […]

The Year of the Dragon

January 29, 2012

“Today I noticed a little spring in my step. I’m getting my power walk back! I pray I never forget how good it feels not to feel bad.”

Tears for Prometheus

November 9, 2011

My treatment has been the ultimate exercise in delayed gratification. I religiously take drugs that make me feel like crap because I am told that they will eradicate a previously asymptomatic malady that could one day wreak havoc on my liver.

Lessons from a Gym Bag in an Airport

March 15, 2011

Things are often revealed in time . . . .             One year my wife gave me a gym bag for my birthday. Though it was hard parting with the one I had owned previously — a promotional extra from the Flying Pig Marathon —  our cat pissing in it helped convince me to abandon my comfortable […]

Bring the Body . . .

November 18, 2010

As with any previous emotional downturns in my life, I sought redemption through the physical route. Exercise in the form of running and working out has always driven off the doldrums. Physical health leads to emotional health. As the old adage says, “Bring the body, and the mind will follow.”