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Love and the Deadbeat Boss, Part I: Of Love and Floods

July 21, 2013

Special 20th Anniversary Repost The thing most midwesterners would remember about the summer of 1993 is The Great Flood.  The Mississippi and Missouri rivers had lay waste their basins to extremes unseen for generations. St. Louis area tributaries such as the Meramec River, Kayser Creek and the River des Peres, had been only momentarily contained […]

The Year Mother Cancelled Christmas

December 18, 2010

Grandma had always been the driving force behind Christmas. Sure, she overspent and took spoiling her grandchildren to unprecedented levels. That was because she was all about giving. Grandmother always put others first, and it brought her true joy to see people happy. She was Mother Christmas.

The Christmas of the Offending Diamond

December 3, 2010

Felicia’s inner conflict was readily observable and somewhat charming as she attempted to conceal the ring from her family. It was apparent that removing it simply wasn’t an option. I wondered how long she could continue going about her business, like an amputee, without the use of her left hand.

47th Post Deleted

September 19, 2010

Originally published as Arlo Must Die on Sept. 15, 2010. I live in a litterbox. We have a 13-year-old cat called Arlo who shits, pisses and vomits all over the place.                Don’t let his handsome features fool you; he is a menace to society.                Our home reeks like the Crazy Cat Lady Hotel on […]

How I Met My Muse, Part IX: Denouement?

August 11, 2010

December 1979 It was the last day before Christmas break, and I was looking forward to having a few weeks off school despite the inevitable weirdness that would ensue over the holidays. My parents were no longer living under the same roof, and I would have to celebrate Christmas with each of them separately, just like […]

How I Met My Muse, Part VII: Blogjump

August 1, 2010

Back to 2009 (it gets a little tricky here!) Becoming reacquainted with Maria, now known as Stargirl, was both gratifying and exhausting. Communicating via Facebook’s instant messenger gave the whole experience an unreal quality, as if we were speaking across time via some digital, high-tech telegraph. I was undergoing a sense of temporal ambiguity as the result […]

How I Met My Muse, Part VI: “Prick!”

July 31, 2010

Back to 1979 (pay attention now) Maria’s proclamation of her love for me presented a problem; I simply did not feel the same about her.             Initially, Maria was a sort of novelty to me. She certainly wasn’t like the girls I had associated with in junior high. However, the excitement of the after-school make out sessions had since […]

How I Met My Muse, Part V: Stargirl

July 23, 2010

            “What was wrong with the name your parents gave you?”             “Nothing. It was a good name.”             “So, why did you drop it?”             “Because I didn’t feel like a Susan anymore.”             “Do you change your name whenever you get tired of it?”             “Whenever it doesn’t fit anymore. I’m not my […]

How I Met My Muse, Part IV: Homecoming

July 21, 2010

In hindsight, that evening is significant in that it was perhaps our last “Cleaver Moment,” meaning we were functioning as a normal, loving and supportive nuclear family unit

How I Met My Muse, Part III: Unequipped

July 19, 2010

As we made our Christmas rounds, Bernie looked so beautiful and all grown up in her new clothes with her silver, serpentine chain shining brilliantly against her beautiful, chocolate-colored skin. She showed it to everybody with pride. “My boyfriend Jerry gave this to me,” she would say.