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Does God Hate America?

January 19, 2011

Even when faced with the divisive teachings, despicable actions and the unrelenting bigotry of these raving, inbred Jaybillies, Americans have risen above the hatred. They remain true to their ideals of freedom of speech and due process.


Faith, Hope and Malcertainty

April 8, 2010

In all honesty, I have very little faith in Christianity; however, I love and adore my daughter and have every faith in her. She continues to bring out the best in me, and during this whole process, she has caused me to examine my own conscience and the way I go about my business.

Angels in the Rafters

March 23, 2010

During the homily, Bernadette noticed about 20 angels standing around the altar. Three female angels, whom she believes were the leaders, stood atop the wall that serves as the backdrop with their wings spread. About 30 others sat at various locations upon the giant beams that supported the huge domed roof of the building.

The three leaders looked directly at Bernadette and said, in unison, “You will be with us soon.”

Three Things That Scared the Bejeezus Out of Me as a Child

February 4, 2010

As children, many of us feared the boogey man, clowns or Santa Claus. I was a ‘scared of major religious figures and aliens.